We’ve spent our whole lives around dogs and have a deep appreciation for happy, healthy dogs. Growing up around many dogs, we had a fantastic introduction to canine companionship; dogs can be extremely loving, patient, But unfortunately, we also witnessed the negative effects of aging on them - how their energy decreased and how they laboured in what looked like pain, simply getting up and down. We’d always wonder if there was a way to help dogs live healthier and happier for longer.




Our first evidence of bone broth’s benefits came from the changes we saw in Luke, a golden doodle that we rescued. Because of our busy schedules, we decided that he’d be better cared for by family, who lived outside the city. We noticed changes in him, each time we visited. His energy levels seemed to drop over time and instances of ear infections increased significantly. But one summer, he came to live with us in the city for a few weeks and he started to drink more water (perhaps because he enjoyed its flavor). Such a simple dietary change resulted in an increased appetite and higher energy levels for him along with improved general wellbeing.

We wondered if there was a way for him to continue to reap these nutritional benefits and improve his health and wellness. After researching and analysing many options (flavoured water, natural brines and juices (fish, pickles, etc.), meal toppers, soft and raw food, among others), we settled on bone broth as the most effective, potent, and convenient solution. It was able to offer the benefits of a raw diet, without the costs or complications of raw food. After starting Luke on bone broth for a few weeks, the results were extraordinary and there were improvements that we did not expect - reduced ear infections, a softer and shinier coat, and better breath. We wondered why it wasn’t a standard part of every dog’s diet!


BoneOlio is a vision to improve the longevity and wellbeing of every pet dog. BoneOlio was started with the desire to give pets happier, healthier, and more nutritious lives and to ensure that they live with us for longer. While on a journey to provide better nutrition for our own dogs, we stumbled upon bone broth’s amazing benefits and we wanted to share it with the world. But our research showed that it worked only when made correctly. Unwilling to settle for inferior products on the market, we started making our own and perfected the recipe for dogs.

We started Stetson on BoneOlio, soon after we adopted him in October 2020. When he first arrived, the fur on his lower back was patchy and thinned out. Since starting with BoneOlio, we witnessed the fur in this area thicken and grow in, and his coat overall became incredibly soft. He’s barely 2 years old but he loves BoneOlio and he’ll be a lifetime user to help promote his general health and wellness.

Apart from our own experiences, the results we heard from our friends who are fellow dog owners were incredible – better and thicker fur growth, overall softening of coat, higher energy levels, reduced redbeard and reduced hot spot inflammation, and so much more! We knew we were on to something as word soon started to spread.


 If you’d like to talk to us about your pet’s nutrition or want to get a closer look at how we make our broth, feel free to contact us at contact@boneolio.com and we’ll get in touch asap.