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An all natural slow cooked bone broth made with human grade ingredients, to improve your dog's coat lustre, digestion and joint health.


Bone Broth packs essential collagen and nutrients that are easily digestible and rejuvenate skin, bones and overall health.

The convenient, squirting cap makes sure the broth goes exactly where you want with no spills and no cleaning up.

Easy Peasy.



BoneOlio's Beef Bone Broth is made with the choicest human-grade femur beef bones, sourced locally from Ontario. Add celery, parsley, carrots and ACV, and cook for 24 hours at a consistent 210°F, extracting all the collagen and amino acids into the golden liquid, bone broth. With zero chemicals, preservatives or additives, our broth is as good as granny made at home.


Shiny Coat that shouts healthy.

Collagen directly aids in repairing the skin, increase coat lustre and reducing rashes, hot spots and itching. In two weeks, you'll see your dog in a brand new shine.


Like all pet parents, we want our dogs to live with us healthier and longer lives. We found bone broth's amazing benefits to both humans and dogs. But our research also highlighted that it worked ONLY when made correctly. And we didn't want to settle for inferior products on the market. So we started cooking our own broth, and soon the word spread.

We perfected the recipe to suit dogs, and BoneOlio was created. We understand that not everyone has the time or space to cook broth at home, so we do the heavy lifting for you.



"My dog loves BoneOlio! As a golden doodle, extra care should be taken to her eyes, ears and gut health, BoneOlio has helped her in all of these areas with less weeping in her eyes, cleaner ears and less redness under her fur around her eyes and mouth. So it is a win - win for her and myself as a conscientious pet owner. I just pour it on her food and she can’t wait to eat her meal."


"We love BoneOlio. We adopted a puppy and started using it on the recommendation of a friend. We were so impressed by regrowth of her dog’s fur so we knew we wanted to try. This is our first puppy and we wanted to make sure that he was getting all the nutrition he needed to be his best. He is in wonderful shape and we attribute a large part of that to BoneOlio. We are so glad it exists!"


"Callie has a sensitive stomach and does not love kibble. A sprinkle of BoneOlio means she is excited to eat and can maintain healthy digestion."

30-Days Money Back Guarantee.
No Questions Asked.

BoneOlio offers a quick, hassle free return policy. You can try our product knowing that if your dog doesn't like it, you'll get a 100% refund, no questions asked. While we stand by our product, we understand that it might not work for everyone. Just send us a mail at and we'll process your refund.