About BoneOlio

BoneOlio was founded by Ben Quinn, and his partner Justine along their dog Luke were critical in creating the company's first product. Ben and Justine enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and appreciate natural ingredients from brands they can trust. Having been consuming cold pressed juice, Ben knew there had to be a natural nutrient rich alternative that would be great for dogs. 

After a bit of research bone broth quickly emerged as the best solution. Bone broth is packed full of natural nutrients and supplements that may be lacking in a dog's diet. Broth is a really versatile product as it can be delivered in a liquid OR gel form as a result of the abundance of collagen. Of course, the meat flavored water was a hit! The next step was ensuring the humans could easily and conveniently share it with their furry friends - accessibility, no mess, no dishes, and no fumbling were critical.  

It was so easy to have the broth in the fridge and squirt a bit on their meal every day, we never had an excuse not to squirt a shot on Luke's kibble each day. We began noticing improvements in the dog's overall health and well being that were consuming the broth regularly - increased appetite, softer coat, increased energy level, less signs of pain, etc.. Creating BoneOlio seemed like an obvious next step – we had to shared this easy and painless solution for improving your pet’s health! 

Bone broth isn't revolutionary, it's been around for centuries - and we highly recommend sharing a bit with your dog each day to benefit the overall health, wellness, and longevity. You can trust that BoneOlio uses natural ingredients and packages it up in a convenient to use container.