About BoneOlio

BoneOlio was founded by (insert here)

After having to trick our dog into consuming over the counter supplements or - even worse - having to force pills down their throat, we thought "there has to be a better way".

We tried all different sorts of options (dipping in peanut butter, sticking it into cheese, grinding it up and sprinkling on top of their food, etc).

All the while we had been making our own cold pressed juice and bone broth. Our dogs weren’t too excited when the kitchen filled up with the sweet smells of vegetables and fruit, but they would sit attentively, salivating and waiting for their sample when the broth was cooking.

It was so easy to have the broth in the fridge and squirt a bit on their meal every day, as we began adding important supplements into the broth, and the dogs continued to lick their bowls clean, we began noticing their overall health and wellbeing improving. Creating BoneOlio seemed like an obvious next step – we had to shared this easy and painless solution for improving your pet’s health! 

The word “Olio” is a Spanish word for a highly spiced stew of miscellaneous meats & vegetables. Although we don’t include any spices in our natural bone broth, wet do include an abundance of nutritional supplements (and we most certainly include meat and vegetables!).